Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We're Back after 18 months

After an 18 month absence, the Carlisle Kiwanis blog is back. In being elected LTG. for Division 13S for two years, I found it impossible to continue with the blog. Now that my terms are almost over and things are winding down, we will begin again. The past 18 months have been been exciting to say the least. I would recommend the LTG position to anyone. My successor, Dan Davies is from the Hanover Kiwanis Club. Congratulations, Dan. We look forward to working with you. --- Helen Milliron

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sid Bream's Biggest Fan

John Cantalupi, the owner of 19,719 Sid Bream baseball cards, brought a display of Sid Bream memorabilia to Kiwanis. The painting was by Denny Zeigler, while the bat is from the Pittsburgh Pirate days. Sid's Huston Astro's bat has Matthew 5:16 burned into the bat.

What a Special Guy

Sean Brame, third from left who has quadruple amputations is surrounded by Dick Nickle and Gary Cline, both amputees. Beginning as a broken ankle, Sean's injury quickly progressed into sepsis. Despite the fact Sean wears two prostheses, he plays soccer and is accomplishing all his dreams. All done while inspiring others. A proud brother, Patrick shares Sean's success.

Historic West Shore & Confederate Invasion of 1863

Willis Kocher presented many historical reflections of the West Shore. He also had many stories and pictures about the Gettysburg Campaign.

Today, July 14, was the day six more hands of service joined Kiwanis. In the center are Kate Brazel, Ginny and Bill Brennan along with their sponsors Colby Windholz and Helen Milliron.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blueberry Day in Carlisle

Finally, the big truck from New Jersey arrives in Carlisle.

Gordon Nousianen works the hand signals for the driver.

Earl Keller, Lee Burcham and the driver check over something very important!

Since they're all smiles, it must have been ok.

Off go 120 boxes of blueberries to some happy customers.

Carlisle Kiwanis is Alive and Healthy

Past President and Membership Chair, Beth James checks the pulse of the club and declares it healthy.

Lee Burcham tells us that over 20,000 lb. of blueberries have been sold so far.

Major Colin DeVault of the Salvation Army gives his farewell to the club. He has served the club as president and secretary. We wish him well in his new assignment in Reading.

Laura Shaffer, Principal of the Letort Elementary School shares how important the Terrific Kids program was to her students. Second, third and fourth grade participated this year. That's 111 kids who set individual and classroom goals, and 109 students met those goals. This gives Nancy Fishman, a Kiwanian and Carlisle School Board President a huge smile.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Changing Face of Education

Newville Elementary Principal, William August says schools need to think, act and educate children differently. Schools must change because it's a different world that we now live in. Students have a relationship to technology that has gone far beyond cell phones and email. Instead of memorizing information today, students need to be able to find information and solve problems. While the No Child Left Behind initiative has been controversial, it accomplished one important thing. It gave a much-needed "kick in the pants" to create a sense of urgency in the educational system. China seems to be setting the standard. We need to address that challenge.

William August and Jon Fetterman, program chair